Friday, July 21, 2006

Will never vote for Flies

Fly - This insect until now in my life has been just a two-winged insect... Not to be worried about much or even cared about.. But in these days, these insects have now made me to change my decision.
Here goes my story. As i start spotting a lot of flies near the mess, i thought this is something that is restricted to areas near to the mess.. Also they are attracted by the leftovers of the eggs and other things that are used to bathe the birthday baby.
Yesterday, after coming from the class, saw 10 0r 15 flies inside my closed room.. Thought o.k. it is not a problem. They can be easily driven away. But to be my surprise, these insects are good at dodging away from the well-aimed shots taken by me. If i keep my room open, there are more number of flies eagerly awaiting for their chance to have a darishan of my room.. Just coming to the conclusion that i can do nothing about them, even if they come and sit in my face, i slept.
Next morning, went eagerly to our QT professor's class.. Expecting a good sleep.. But alas, there were more than five flies eagerly awaiting for the students to come. Don't know why they have this attraction[atleast i look attractive in their eye!!!!...] to me, started their time of rest in my body.. Auch! The whole class was wasted to dodging of them... And missed a good sleep.. Would have loved to continue "The Adventures of Robin and Flies".. But have to catch the sleep missed in the QT class.........