Monday, October 16, 2006

Life at Planet-i

Planet-i, an IIM Student.. Now in the campus which is a dream for thousands of students around the country. Have been here for around 4 months. So i think it is the time to take a look back and analyse how the campus has been to me. If you are expecting some stuff about the professors/placements, sh sh sh sh sh.. i am not allowed to talk about them outside. So Ground rules decided. Here Goes my experience in Planet-i.

After getting the admit, there were a lot of mails flying from the seniors to the students giving 'gyan'[hehe.. i know a few Hindi words.] to juniors. Now thinking back i dont remember any of those question.. Except this one. "Is there milk in the canteen?".. And the one page reply to that mail.. Good old days.. Having nothing to do.. Spending the whole day reading mails that used to clock atleast 100 per day..

Then came the time to pack your bags and to move to Indore. After spending more than 2 days in travel, reached the campus with fear, expectations and questions. Lots of them.. Whether i will be able to survive in this campus?.... Whether a person from a place which most of the people do not know will be accepted?.. Whether i will be able to make friends in the campus?.. Whether i will be able to find a church nearby?.. Whether i, a person who does not even 1-10 numbers in Hindi would be able to live in the Hindi heartland?.. And whether i can survive only with chappatis?......

[Note: The story will continue in the next post.. Found out finally that post it immediately when you feel like posting.. If you wait that you will sit one day and fine tune the whole thing. It will be never be posted.. ]

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