Monday, October 23, 2006

Mr. Hyde & Me

Again got an inspiration to write a post after reading about Mr. Hyde in some other blog. For the unintiated, Mr. Hyde is a famous character from the novel
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
in which Hyde is the split personality of Gentleman Jekyll and an exact opposite of him.. Book available in the following site e-book.. I remember a funny incident from my school when i wrote in one of my classmates autograph books that i want to become Mr. Hyde.. She in his reply in my autograph wished me to become one...[I also dont understand what is funny in it but it still makes me to smile when i think about it].. On that day found to my surprise that there a lot of people who really do not know who Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are.

Now coming to the debate "Is there a Hyde in all of us?". That wants to come out if we give it a chance? That will go out of control if we let it out more frequently?

[Never thought this post would go in a serious direction. Started writing the blog thinking it would be a confession of things when Mr. Hyde personality of me has taken over. Did not have the guts to write them in a public forum so coming to the boring discussion of the question. Anyway the question makes me to think.]

According to me, I believe that if we let Mr. Hyde out of us once, his strength would be increased and will start coming out of our gentleman mask more frequently. Our first lie is the hardest and afterwards it has become more frequent. Our first sleeping experience in the class and how afterwards it has become more frequent. Our first jump in the traffic signal and how frequent it has become after that. Our first bunking of class and how frequent it has become after that. Also stopping the Mr. Hyde[i dont want to call it Mr. Evil]personality of ours, after it has started showing off is tough and hard. But it also raises a question

Is there a terroist/murderer inside all of us which we have never let out?..
If it is true, why should we punish the terroists and murders since there is no big difference between them and us?
Does we all have personality like Mr. Hyde inside each one of us that is waiting to be explode when we let it out?..
Or we all are born good?..

Expecting your comments..


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No, dont punish terrorists and murderers. Call them to your house, prepare them tea, put a gun in their hands, and ask them to put a bullet in you. Are you nuts? Are you crazy? Dr. Hyde was never as stupid as you sound. Get to your senses.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the comments.. Your abusing language has just shown that there is a Mr. Hyde inside you which you have not let others to see most of the time..

Reasons to punish the terroists?... Will you accept punishment because you just used a foul language against me, which offended me.. My questions were what separates us and them?.. Do we think what was done by freedom fighters as wrong?.. We accept them and even glorify them.. Then what about terrorists... They too are doing it for a noble cause(!) they believe in... Anyway these are just ramblings..