Friday, November 10, 2006

Harry Potter & Me

After the post where i rambled about Mr. Hyde & me. This time the post is about "What that little boy from Hogwarts has done in my life?"

One of the advantages living in a small town is that when the world around you is filled with rage of that little boy with a lightening scar in his head, you are blissfully unaware of his fame, his courage, his love.. Blissfully unaware of tanking(!), unaware of muggles, unaware of quidditch, unaware of Hogwarts, unaware of Dumbledore, unaware of He who must not be named. Until my schooling, Harry Potter was just a name that used to appear as the last question in the weekly Young World quiz. I never even worried and cared about him until i entered the oldest technical institute of India.

In its portals, one of my friends introduced me to the magic world. First time i read it, i know i wanted to be in that world. I wanted to be "Harry Potter".. Then i realized that the book is written with the aim of touching that underlying wishes of every boy and girl who goes to school.

Hmmm.. Then every time something happens in my life i compared it to that life in Hogwarts.
So what are the things in Harry Potter that i would have loved to be part of my life too?

1. Gryffindor common room which brought different people together by the unique bond. the secret password, the door only a set of people can enter. For some one living in India who has never lived in a hostel that is separated to different houses, this was my major attraction of Hogwarts life. A place where everybody knows everybody. A place where people are bonded by nothing other than the house they belong to. A place where people become enemies just because of the house they belong to are different.

2. The bond of friendship that Ron, Harry & Hermione shared. Hey i am a believer in that statement by Dumbledore that "love transcends all magic". We all want someone to whom we can share all your secrets however bad they are. Someone who understands you completely.

3. The aura of "being special" and "being different". Being a wizard makes you different where you have no need to differentiate you among the rest.

4. Being famous and known by anybody. But still hating that fame, willing to give any price to remain unknown. We all put all our efforts to become famous and then are ready to give any money to remain unknown.

5. Harry potter penchant for breaking rules and still escaping without punishment.

6. Adventures that Harry Potter is able to have in each year.

7. Being a friend of a slogger like Hermione, so that assignments and home works become so easy.

Stopped with 7, since 7 is a complete number in Harry Potter books... In short, i love Harry Potter not because the book is good but because it takes me to a dream world which i still cherish to be a part of.


Srivats said...

harry potter fan, u r? star wars fan, i am.

dont u think harry potter has also succeeded in providing a surrogate world to live in for many people, effectively disconnecting them from reality???

kulpreet said...

finally found your blog!!!!!

nice way of writing!!!

Unknown said...

Ya.. You are right.. That is exactly why i like the Harry Potter. What is wrong in providing a surrogate world?.. For that simple reason only fantasy stories exist..

And.. Does you first sentence have any inner meaning?..

I believe it took a lot of efforts from your part to find the blog :-)...

Srivats said...

yeah robin... grand master yoda talks like that...