Thursday, December 14, 2006

Think About the Newspaper U Read

Right from my childhood, "The Hindu" has provided my life with a staple diet of current affairs (for knowledge and thought). "The Hindu" has been and always will be synonymous with the word "Newspapers" in my life. You never understand one's importance unless it goes off from your hands. Now living in a land, where i can receive my beloved Newspaper only a day late.. that too in the afternoon made me to realize how i have grown up on the newspaper.

NO! This post is not about Hindu. But about Indian newspapers in general. Indian newspapers have a rich and unique past. A Set of newspapers not formed for profit, not formed to provide people with news of what is going on in sports or business but to aid the nation's struggle for freedom. The history of Indian newspapers are dotted with such great personalities! But what had happened to the Indian newspapers now is a matter of great shame and sorrow. The Newspaper industry too like other industries has become so engrossed with profits. Nothing wrong in it. But changing newspapers into tabloids!!! God! How can I Accept that!

Why posting it here rather than writing letters to the editor?. Simply because the editors and reporters of a newspaper provide the news and other things we want, not the news they would like to see on the newspaper. If we want scantily clad and semi nude models staring at us every morning, they have no other choice but to provide them.


Wrote this post a month back but did not post it.. Since i thought, i have to add some more stuff... On reading the recent Supreme Court verdict "Not Imposing a blanket ban on publishing obscene photographs and material in newspapers citing the right to freedom of speech and expression enjoyed by the press".. (Read the news here. Obviously a link to Hindu's Online version)
I thought i would post the things i wrote long before(without any additions or deletions)..
The crux of the post..

"Never forget - IT is because of Us the obscene materials are(will be) there today(tomorrow) on the newspapers"..


Govar said...

Somehow landed up in your blog. Wow. IIM-I eh? Great dude. Welcome to the fraternity... keep posting. You might just have a regular reader!

Unknown said...

Nice to see your comment on my blog.. You are surely a good inspiration for regular blogging(2 posts/month even during IIM days).


Sreeram N said...

"The Hindu" has really been close to my heart. The very fact that two persons from two ends of the state read the same newspaper just goes on to show how much this newspaper was respected and subscribed to right from the days of it's inception. I've even heard my grandparents say that finding any sort of mistake in Hindu would be very very rare. But sadly, it also has succumbed to the present ground realities. But it has started to do some mending - like the "Readers' Ombudsman". We'll have to wait and watch how far these initiatives help it in the long run.

Unknown said...

yes da.. With the "Deccan Chronicle" breathing down its neck with the cheap price(1 re/paper) and daily photos of glamorous girls, it decided to do something.. Opinion articles and Editorials were lot better in the old format... One has to accept that the new format looks lot trendier.. With "The Hindu" expected to enter the Mumbai market in the near future, it will be worth a watch what it is going to do..