Thursday, March 01, 2007

Predictions - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Disclaimer: I am not an astrologer nor i have any supernatural or paranormal powers to prophesy about the future. Believe these predictions at your own risk.
  • I am pretty much sure that J.K.Rowling would take us to a storyline where Harry Potter would be trying hard to find atleast one of the Horocruxes when it would be very near to him or easy to find out. [Expecting Kreacher to help them in the discovery of atleast one Horocrux.]
  • Sure that Harry Potter won't kill Voldermort; Basically, because i don't see the possibility of Harry Potter using a Unforgivable curse. So it leaves somebody else to do the killing. [Snape???]
  • Expecting one of the persons who will die in this book to be Hagrid. Also we will find out the reasons J.K. Rowling had to kill Dumbledore & Sirius Black.
  • The novel would be dealing more about the past rather than about the things that happen in the 7th year of Harry Potter's Hogwarts life. Expecting the histories of Harry Potter's Mom & Dad, Dumbledore to be dealt with extensively. Hoping Dumbledore's history would be given maximum coverage.
  • If anyone comes back from the dead, it is more likely to be Sirius than Dumbledore. [I believe that "Dumbledore not dead" phenomenons is due to the people's inability to accept the death of Dumbledore.]
  • Snape is not evil i.e. she is not a slave to Voldermort. But there is a rare possibility that she is not owing her allegiance to the Order of Phoenix too.
  • Harry Potter will defeat Lord Voldermort in a duel.
  • Hoping to hear about a Love angle for Snape in Book 7.
But one thing that i can be 100% sure of is that 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' is going to be one of the most interesting books ever. Hmmm... Waiting for July 21, 2007......

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Srivats said...


harry will end up killing voldy... lets bet on that!

Unknown said...

As i said, though i surely believe that Harry would defeat Voldermort in a battle.. I could not bring myself to believe that Harry would use an unforgivable curse against Voldermort. Also taking the R.A.B. note that somebody would come who will make Lord Voldermort Mortal. This is Harry making Voldermort mortal by destroying all the
horocruxes.. Anyway let us wait & see..

Anonymous said...

Harry will not defeat Voldermort in a duel as their wands are brother wands and will form priori incantem. Snape will defeat the dark lord dramatically

Unknown said...

@ anonymous,
But it is the rule of all the novels that Hero should defeat the villain atleast once. Think either Harry or Voldermort would find a way around it to fight each other.

Snape defeating dark Lord Himself in a duel(all alone)is very doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Voldemort is going to basically kill himself. sorry about the spoiler bitches