Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Water - A source of life & Perennial Conflict

After the recent Cauvery tribunal verdict, there has been tension reported in Karnataka, especially in Bangalore. (Read the news here). Hope any untoward incidents like the one that happened in 1991 do not happen this time around. If any violent incident occurs, Bangalore is sure to lose the status of "Silicion Valley of India".(atleast in the minds of the Tamils)

It was reported in Indian Express that there were sporadic incidents of violence in the Tamil dominated areas in Bangalore. We have been living as a single nation for more than 50 years. But Still how far apart, people in each State have been. [What is the logic behind targeting a community for the verdict by a national body in which they have no role to play?. This escapes my mind.]. These incidents shows how much racism is still prevalent in india.

If communities/States/Nations fight for water now itself, fear to think of the up-coming days of global warming, when it will be more tough to find water on this beautiful earth.

GOD, Please Save this Earth!


hit said...

hi robin.... thanx for reading my blog.. this is my 1st attempt at blogging.. so did it in a hurry and did not notice tht "IIFT interview" is the blog title.. probably, i'll become an experienced blogger soon :)

hit said...

btw, r u an alumnus of CEG?

Unknown said...

yeah.. thankx for visiting the blog.. I am an alumunus of CEG..