Sunday, March 04, 2007

Holi @ IIM-Indore

Being a South Indian means you are only exposed to soft 'Holi' where at most a few colour powders were sprinkled on your face and dress. But now in IIM-Indore, as a 2008 PGP Batch we have a few traditions to live up to. Hearing senior's narrations and reading from super senior's blog, My expectations for the Holi celebrations were running high.

Tearing up T-shirts(only boys'!!!!), painting whole hostel blocks with colours, Rolling up people in the 'holi' water pool, Drenching them in mud pool, Bath in coloured waterfalls. It was all i expected to be. Hope the photos conveys the fun we had.

Body Skating in 'Holi' Water Pool
Mud Bath

Traditional IIM-Indore 'Holi' Photo 2007
Hmm.. Another year passes by and another Holi celebrated in this Planet-i. Another South Indian comes to know the ecstasy of 'Holi'.

Photos Courtesy: Asha Anju, PGP-I


Sowmya said...

Nice post..! :-)

Unknown said...

Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is celebrated in almost

every parts with great fun and frolic. The joys of Holi know no bound.

The festival is celebrated across the four corners of India or rather

across the globe.
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Unknown said...

@ Katrina,
Being a South Indian, I can say for sure that Holi is not a festival of the South... Thanks to the Indian media, it is slowly catching up in the cities(particularly among the youth).. But large parts of South India still don't know or don't celebrate Holi..

Holi celebrated across the globe!!!.. [I can only smile at this statement]..

But i surely accept that Holi is fun.. :)