Sunday, March 18, 2007

Human Beings! I am disappointed with you!

If the Earth's moon gets an chance to speak...
An Imagination...

Moon: "O Unfaithful men! How much have you changed in these thousand years?. In the early days of your rudimentary life on earth, you saw me as one of your gods/goddess. Even when the later religions gained importance, you still gave me the importance i deserved... [by deciding the date of celebration of the important festivals on the basis of my different phases.]

I was there everyday when you used to fear darkness; giving you hope that my Big Brother 'Sun' would come back, next morning. I with my star slaves gave you company at night when you were bored or afraid. I was there as your laboratory and your observation tower. You predicted the future of the nations and individuals based on me. My beauty always reminded you of your beloved. I gave you meaning for your night life. But when my competitor 'Science' came with new inventions you started forgetting me. You never cared when my brightness was slowly getting reduced by your inventions of different night lamps.

Then on 21 July, 1969, after years of decreasing interest on me, you finally found the courage to come near me. For a few days, i was thankful for the advances, my competitor 'Science' has achieved. I hoped your infatuation with me will never end. But you left after tearing my skin and taking them back to your earth. Now you are planning to go near my distant cousin 'Mars' by establishing a base on me.

Hmm! I never spent money on Research to improve myself but i expected a little bit of gratitude from your side. Today i remain forgotten. None of you come out of your homes to check my beauty. It is months since you saw me.

Hey! Human Consultants, What should i do to regain my market share against my competitor 'Science'? Shall i change my colour to 'red'? Or Shall i start playing 'Hide & Seek' with man?. What should i do?. Please give me a solution.

Though you have been unfaithful and without gratitude, never mistake me to act like you. I will still come out everyday(Oops, every night) and do my duty of giving you light in the darkness you once feared. Just remember however your attitude may change, I will be still there. Sleep/Rest in peace."

P.S : Just thought of writing about how our night life has changed in these last thousand years.

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