Thursday, April 05, 2007

Everybody Loves Google

Today I was pleasantly surprised to read about a search for a snake in the Google's U.S. office in 'The Hindu'... that too in its Front Page. As someone in Tirunelveli where every other day, you hear about a snake(python) entering the government offices which are situated near the river banks. This was not a big news for me. Still The Hindu never found the snake entry in our very own Indian Government offices interesting enough to print. [But the Tamil Daily, Dinamalar used to print it as a half page story with a quarter page photo of the snake and its capturer]

This made me to search 'Why this huge interest in a company that is situated in a faraway land?'. Few reasons i was able to come up with for the buzz around 'everything Google'.
  • Most of the students love it because our Copy+Paste assignment work become a lot tougher without it
  • In today's world, the word 'online search' has become synonymous with Google. A ultimate dream for any brand manager
  • An Underdog and a David fighting against the Goliath 'Microsoft'. [Though we don't realize that Google has already entered the realms of Goliath]
  • Its Vision - 'organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful' supposedely conveying its concern for the welfare of the world
- A 'Google'Boy.... Showing his bit of loyalty to Google...

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