Friday, April 13, 2007

Is MBA from Indian institutes are really worth it?

This was the question that was left uppermost in my mind after my recent train journey. In this journey, I was lucky to spend time with 2 different kinds of people [classes/status].
In the first leg of the journey, I met one among the thousands of Indian Entrepreneurs whose absence would cause a catastrophe in this nation but soemone we will never notice. Yeah! One of the poor salesmen/shop owner who are very much part of this Incredible India.
His name is Pandi, and he earns his daily bread by selling tea & coffee to travellers. But the management concepts/theories he spoke just amazed me. He spoke about economies of scale, experience effects, logistics, Distribution channels, etc.. [Yeah.. most of the concepts, we, the Indian MBA students mug from their books just a day before the exams]. Here is a man who completely understands them but in no way polluted by this jargon speak. At the end, I was left wondering with the question 'Is MBA from Indian instututes really worth it?'

In the second leg of my journey, I was able to spend time with a few rich business magnets - 2 in shipping industry & 1 in geological consultancy. These people, non - MBA businessmen also raised the question what a MBA is really worthy of.

Certain points that were discussed were:-
  • Is IIMs only for spoon-feeding the students who cannot match up to the realities of the business world or students who are in no way interested in management except for its huge pay packages?
  • How does anyone without an MBA inferior to the esteemed IIM students when it comes to corporate world?
  • How much does a MBA adds value to a person?
  • Is the present Indian MBA admission system of letting in students right after their undergraduate colleges really working?
At the end, I was left wondering with the question 'Is MBA from Indian instututes really worth it?'
Readers, Atleast can you throw light on whether 'a MBA from Indian instututes is really worth it?'

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