Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chennai Autos Have Competition! Finally!!!

It has always been a habit for Chennai Bloggers to have a dig at Chennai auto wallahs. For example, Read the recent post on Kiruba's page - 'How an auto driver helped my marathon practice' especially, the comments page where people want some kind of Internet protest to be organized against Chennai autos. These kind of posts coupled with my few bad experiences had made me to nurture a thought that 'Chennai auto drivers are the worst in the country'.

But everything changed once I set foot in Pune.

Truly, Chennai auto wallahs are 'angels' when we compare them to their kind in Pune - especially the ones near the IT parks. Even the word ' exorbitant' is a too kind a word to use for the amount they charge you. Pathetic Public transport ensures that this is the only mode of travel. Chennai Bloggers! Please remember that the auto drivers in Chennai are not so bad as they are made to look like.

"Yeah! Mushrooming of IT parks is ensuring that Chennai Auto rickshaws have competition for their fame from other parts of India too."


asiftherock said...

Hehe... So Chennaiites arent the only ones suffering because of auto-wallas

Unknown said...

yes da.. Was suffering here because of that.. :-(