Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cricket World Cup is finally Over

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 rather than making the cricket fans ask for 'dil maange more' made them feel happy that the long event is finally over. What a pity for the event of that caliber!!!!

Also it is the right time to analyse my very own 'Predictions about Cricket World Cup '07' - which were very very wide off the mark...

Photo: Australia - World Champions Again..

Analysis of my predictions:

Scotland, The Netherlands, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Kenya, Canada, Zimbabwe Ireland:
None of us would have ever expected any of these teams to qualify for the next stage. But Bangladesh & Ireland teams, thankfully brought their own surprises to this world cup.. But this ultimately made the super-eight matches a drag without any real excitement.

My prediction that Zimbabwe as the only team with a chance to proceed to super-eight stage was based on the apparent weakness of the Pakistani team rather than on the strength of the Zimbabwe team. Now I rue my decision not to collect any information about Ireland team.

If not for Bangladesh pushing out India from qualifying to the next stage, I would have been feeling good about my own predictions. But alas! it brought down all my calculations to naught.

As I predicted it correctly, it went out in the first stage of the world cup itself. Hope it comes out strongly in the next world cup. As i mentioned, 'Bob Woolmer' occupied the front pages of the newspaper & magazines for a very sad reason.

Another team for which my prediction went completely wrong. Again never expected a Srilankan middle player to strike form as C. Silva did. What he did was convert the one of the weak spots of Srilankan team - Weak Middle Order to its major strength.

West Indies:
Hurrah! At least my predictions about West Indies was correct. Farewell Lara.

New Zealand:
As I predicted, Shane Bond took the team to semi-finals where it lost to Sri-lanka

The world champions!! I heeded to my heart rather than to my mind while making the predictions... Hmmm!

Another team that disappointed me. Yeah! Again putting my heart over the mind!

South Africa:
Unlucky! to meet Australia in the semi-finals. If they had met Sri-lanka/New Zealand that would have at least been an interesting match.

No comments about my predictions that were completely off the mark. Importance of a camp before any important sports event to boost the fitness of the players was underlined to BCCI. Also, Indian team missed a strike bowler.

In short, My 'predictions for Cricket World Cup '07' was nothing short of a disaster. :-(

Hope at least I learnt the lesson - Not to make any predictions for any sports event. Since I always would be heeding to my heart rather than my mind. Waiting for the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows".. Hope at least some of the predictions about the book cis correct.

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