Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Things I never Knew - Eve Teasing

I never knew it. I was ignorant of it. I was shocked when I came to know it - "Silicon Capital of India - One of the prides of India - Bangalore - is unsafe for women" . I was dismayed when my cousin explained - "Why can't she go to certain places in Bangalore?".. "Why can't she even go for booking tickets alone?".. "How tough it is for women to be women in cities?"..

"Eve Teasing".. For some of us, it is fun.. According to some of us, the victims deserved it.. Some of us are not even aware of it.. But for most of us, it is something we read in newspapers or something that only some skewed people mostly from the lower strata of the society do.. For me, Eve Teasing has always been associated with 'Death of Sarika Shah' rather than as an social evil that my sister or friends daily face. [Here 'Us' is people who may read this post]

If you belong to my category of men - who are not aware how rampant Eve teasing is there in the very own cities you live, please read wish list of women. It is really an eyeopener. [But also be aware that the wishes were collected through Internet so they are mostly from an urban crowd - where the Internet penetration is high].

Blank Noise is the organization behind collecting these wishes. Blank Noise is a public and participatory art project working both online and on the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai , Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. It also has some innovative campaigns against Eve Teasing like "Collecting & Displaying clothes that women wore when they were sexually harassed in the street". You can visit their blog at BLANK NOISE PROJECT.

"Eve teasing may be normal, but is it acceptable?"


Anonymous said...


want to commend your blogging on this. Maybe if men knew more about what it was like every day to face harassment, ogling, unwanted invasion of sense of self (by eyes or hands), and especially to face fear and anxiety caused by these things... maybe if men knew these things, they could change themselves so that women are not only objects but friends, supports, and eventually great loves and partners.

What is it you men really want? Do you know? Do you understand that inside you are deeper desires than just to grab or to watch and that those paltry low things cannot fill the gap of what you don't have, which is real connection, tenderness, trust, fun, appreciation and yes passion. But how can women be any of these things (especially passionate, which all of you men want so much) when instead your actions make women jittery and upset every day? Can't you see how good it would be if women felt free, and how good that would be FOR MEN???

when women are free everyone can be more free...

and you Mr. Blogger, thanks for waking up this much, keep evolving and you will find what you want in the world, n meet the people who are real and you can trust - so keep looking and asking questions and finding things other men don't know AND PASS IT ON TO THE MEN YOU DO KNOW.

And you men who don't hassle women - know it is you we appreciate and believe me the karma for you is great!


Unknown said...

@ Pema,
This problem is very similar to poverty.. We are always ready to save that extra 100 rupees/dollars to help a kid in the neighbourhood. But when the kid is far away in Sudan, we just forget about him..

Similar is Eve Teasing.. For me too, self realization came after one of the talks i had with the cousin sister of mine.. Appreciate your views on this regard..