Monday, June 18, 2007

The Week that Was - 'Record Breaking' [Shivaji & Campus Placement]

Shivaji, the Craze

"Where are they releasing Shivaji @ Tirunelveli?". This was the first of the series of questions that i bombarded the autowallah who was taking me home after my 2 month internship at Pune. Not only me, the whole Tamil blogging world has been set on fire with the pre-release Rajini mania. Even the English news channels were not able to keep this important news(!) from their headlines.. [Surprisingly such extensive coverage of 'Shivaji' was not even seen on any of the Tamil channels.. :)].. Just the fact that a Tamil Movie 'Shivaji' was able to make the whole India sit up and take notice of it - amounts to a record breaking incident for me. Add to that, the following record breaking achievements by 'Shivaji, the boss' in Tirunelveli
  • First time, a movie is getting released in 3 theatres in Tirunelveli.. [Do you want any more proof that Tirunelveli is a city????]
  • 50 lakhs was the amount paid by the theatres in Tirunelveli
  • Official rate of First Day, First Show Tickets - Rs. 1000/- [Just reminded of the famous Periyar comment - "There are fools everywhere"]
  • 'Daru' was not available in any of the wine shops in Tirunelveli on June 17th & 18th. [Everything was bought by the Rajini fans. Truly A Rajini Movie release = 10 times Diwali for Rajini fans]
Jobs rain at Anna University

While the media was going gaga over 'Shivaji', jobs have started raining at Anna University, Chennai [comprising of 3 colleges CEG, A.C.Tech & MIT]. Out of 2300 students elgibile for the Placement process, around 1006 were placced in the first company - Tata Consultancy Services. It has now become a practice for Anna university students to set up the 'Record for Highest Single Day Placement in a college campus' for that academic year in India. Present Batch has also maintained that reputation by beating the last year Highest of around 800 offers in CTS in Anna university. Read about "TCS' record recruitment at Anna University".


Shruti said...

Hmm, so everywhere is recod breaking news..
Nice to know that..

Take care

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Shivaji is wonderful picture .....and in every state is record breaking.....

Apun Ka Desh said...

Interesting. Tiruneveli and Tiruchirapalli are different places right :). Sure enough.

Unknown said...

@ raghu ram prasad,
after seeing the movie, i disagree with ur opinion that "Shivaji is wonderful picture"

@apun ka desh,
Yeah! Tirunelveli & Tiruchirappali are 2 different places.. Tirunelveli - one of the beautiful places on the earth is situated on the banks of perennial Tambarani while Tiruchirapplli shortyly known as Tiruchy is in Central Tamil Nadu....