Sunday, July 01, 2007

I have a new hero and her name is Mika Brzezinski

We always love to see the movies in which the hero stands his ground against the might of the villian[since we never had the guts to do so]... But if something like that happens in real life, I believe it is the duty of the cowards like me to salute these rare heroes. Mika Brzezinski, an experienced newscaster and journalist - is one such person who stood up against the Mighty.

What did she do?
She stood her ground and refused to read her segment's lead news item on Paris Hilton on live citing that it does not deserve to be the leading news item. Clips of her shredding the script were the lead item on the Technorati search, while the blogosphere is alight with praise of her. (FYI - Paris Hilton is one of the most searched terms in Google).

Read the whole news here - 'I have a new hero and her name is Mika Brzezinski'. Waiting to see Mika Brzezinski of 'Times of India'...

P.S - Thanks Govar for the news.


Anonymous said...

how can u believe such stuff ?

dude that was just acted on the screen . the scene was choreographed and acted out on the screen so that the woman doing the stunt could get some publicity.

seriously do some research before accepting some one as ur hero . LOL .

Unknown said...

accept the fact that i have not researched properly before posting it. sorry for that..
But still there is a debate going on whether it was a stunt or not.. Both having their positives or negatives...

Me Being an optimistic person still believe that what Mika Brzezinski stood her ground on July 26 and i salute her for her gut.. Also feel that evidence for not being a stunt is more than it being a stunt..