Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sambhar Night @ IIM Indore

To explain Sambhar Night, I have to travel back a year down in my memory lanes...

Flashback. zhig..

It was the first time that I have been outside TamilNadu for such a long time. That too, Indore being a God forsaken place, did not offer much to a foodie. And one month into IIM Indore, my mouth has started watering on just hearing the names of the South Indian Dishes i grew up with - Idli, Dosa, sambhar, rasam, etc. Then one fine day, PGP2 guys got the wisdom and decided to take us-PGP1 to a Tamil Mess - SICA around 20kms from IIM Indore... They said it is a tradition at IIM Indore among tamils..

That day I understood, how simple & common food that u grew up with can become the 'Amirtham'[Elixir in tamil] of your life. I still remember the fulfilment i had after the meals that made me look double my size.

Flashback Over.. Back to Colour Screen..

And the tradition continues... Sambhar Night 07' took place on July 7. And another batch of IIM Indorians got to savour the taste of amazing Tamil Food at SICA, Indore.


Vimal said...

:) Nice to see you guys continuing the tradition. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey stupid,indore is not a god's forsaken place like TN and your chennai.
People are sensible not insane like those rajni lovers.
If you are grown up in a rasam bath which is not eatable then its your fault.I had been to TN and i found the worst people on earth there,and about food,atleast think if you can before writing,that indore is a heaven for food,
they have far better 'south indian' food than what u eat there in chennai...i can assure that...may god give some wisdom to tamils

Unknown said...

@ anonymous,
Already got bored of the illogical people who will never understand about TamilNadu especially Chennai - for what is its worth even though i give them sound logic & reasons... Anyway would be happy to know your name..

- Robin

Madhur Parihar said...

Dear Robin,I am the anonymous for the above post.The day i wrote that comment i was angry with the blog...
Well,I know Chennai is a good city and in many terms better than Indore.But, without hurting you I want to say that I have visited almost all place in India,but i do not like the way people 'there' behave to tourists.there only motive is money.And not only money, they are very rude in all respects.
Anyway, u pl as outsiders might be feeling same behaviour in Indore too..(99% not)

About food, i am repeating my words,Indore is known for its food.Here at IITB i miss that food,even with my own personal experience,i can say that you can have a better dosa at many places at indore than at places like madurai and chennai(yaar i also llike dosa but what to say everywhere i could find 'only' dosa,idli etc wo bhi tasteless)

And finally,if u guys can watch Rajni movies,please dont stress on logic then :)

So Robin,enjoy Indore and tell me after two years

Madhur Parihar said...

I can not stop myself at this stage,what i suppose is that u ppl are little bit outside the main city and thats why u find it hard to have nice food.I agree that rasam is very uncommon in indore and if you can find it you are lucky,but while you are at indore,do try some local dishes.U know here at mumbai a breakfast poha costs some 12 rs.And it is impossible to find Dal-Bati....I tell in my previuos comment that in my whole south trip(including TN and Karnatak) i cold find north indian food but same as poha it costs around 45+ per plate, so in madurai when i saw a partha maker marwari,i ordered packing enough parathas for evening also....

Unknown said...

Sorry... One of the reasons that i called Indore "a God forsaken place" is that everywhere in the Indian blogging world they always bombard "Chennai" as the worst place on earth.. But My real comparison of Indore was with Pune and i found Indore coming low with the variety of food that provides to people.. Though it is very well know for its sweets varieties... Chennai comes pretty low when i compare with Pune since it is hard to find North Indian food.. . Accept the fact that chennai autowallahs are the worst in the country but there are other people too... (For example, me.. :)]

In any new place, you need a localite to get around and to find out what the place is really worth.. Most of the problems for the North Indians is that in chennai they dont have that many friends who knows the in & out of the city..

Yeah! Rajni movies are bad on logic.. But nobody goes to his movies for it.. And especially to enjoy "Sivaji" you should have followed Tamil movies for a long time to understand the comedy & fun in it.. just see a photo of him without makeup.. Then u will understand just how much style he is able to bring to the movie(ofcourse with a lot of help from make-up)..

Madhur Parihar said...

Would you believe,i first 'watched' shivaji in tamil,and second time watched it in telugu with a AP friend...(to translate,but all action and some story i already got with my hindi film experiences)
And he only told me the names of actors the boss was mimicking in one part of movie....Chiranjivi etc

Well i like chandrmukhi and that sond raa raa its really nice and soothing to ears...

Unknown said...

To be truthful, Chandramukhi is not a trademark Rajini movie.. Heroine Jyothika got more accolades than Rajini for this movie.. :).. Since his earlier movie was a failure[Tamils also have a limit for foolish stuff even if it is a Rajini movie,], he did an off beat one from the story of malayalam movie..

Shankar said...

Good to hear that. Atleast back home you get genuine Sambhar. Very few restaurants here serve good sambhar :-(

Nitin said...

Did u try Udipi or Indian Coffee House for south indian food.

ICH is in few places (M.Y. Hospital, Sapna Sangeeta Road, Bhawarkuwa Chouraha)

Udipi near palasia sqaure.

Unknown said...

@ Nitin,
Thanks for the info.. Never tried them.. Will try them once i am back in indore.. :)

sampavar said...

To continue on what Maddy said, Indore is the best when it comes to food. And before you jump the gun let me tell you that I am a Tam Brahm, whose family has been settled in Indore for the past 20 years.
And to top it all, I am now settled in Chennai. Let me tell you the after having lived the bachelor life in Chennai (though now I am married), food is such a big problem in Chennai.
you literally have to search and scrounge for good joints. that I am a veggie doesn't help either.
anyway back to Indore, do take the time out to explore the place. Lotsa joints to eat. My recommendation is sarafa in the night, after 10.30, specially in the cold winters. you not only get chat items but also dosas and idlis. Pipping hot and tasty to boot. maybe more along udipi lines than Chettinad but still tasty enough. For more details on eating out at Sarafa get hold of a local.
And finally on to the SICA mess. My dad has been actively involved with SICA. In fact he was on of the founders of the mess. So he was mighty pleased when my brother forwarded the link to your blog.

Unknown said...

@ Sriram,
Surely.. taking back the statement that Indore does not offer much for a foodie..

Also convey my thanks to your dad for doing such a huge favor for us.. guys @ IIM Indore.. :)