Wednesday, August 15, 2007

60 Years of Indian Independence by a 20+ Young Indian

For a country which began its walk at midnight(thanks to its astrologers), India has done really well in all the fronts. Right from the day one, the country not only carried the hopes of all Indians(who are presently a billion strong) but also the hopes of thousand others who were still under the chains of bondage at that time. Now they look up to India for carrying the light of democracy among the liberated nations.

This 60th Independence day is very special since no wherever in the past days we were as optimistic as today about the future of India. Today, there were reports splashed all over the newspapers and talk shows in all the news channels about the sixty years of Independent India. 'The Hindu'(Paper of my choice) has brought a special supplement - 'Independent India at 60' with esteemed leaders of India, right from Dr. Manmohan Singh to Amartya Sen writing a column in it. Orkut for its part is conducting polls through its website. But these reports do not portray them from the eyes of a 20+ young Indian who has never seen the initial years . [Yeah! Found a niche for me to write]. So writing this post & list down the 3 most important events[3 so that i don't have to think hard :)] in these 60 years of independence for a 20+ young Indian.
  • Economic liberalization - I have never waited for 3 months to get my phone. I have never waited to get my chance to buy a scooter, television, etc. Thanks to economic liberalization that started in 1990s... Today, I am looking at a future prosperous India. "Everything works out for the good" atleast worked out during the economic crisis of 1991.
  • 1983 World Cup Victory - One that ultimately led to the domination of cricket over other sports - Even withstanding the onslaught of Patriotic sports heroes like Leander Paes, Leaders(No:1) like Viswanathan Anand, or even sportswoman with the 'babe' factor like Sania Mirza.
  • Babri Masjid - A Shame for India and A event that shook India... threatening the basic fabric - peace of India. Starting point of further mishapss like Gujarat riots, Mumbai Blasts, etc..
Thanks to amazing constitution that our forefathers were able to come up with(though it was mostly a Ctrl C+Ctrl V Job), democracy has flourished in India threatened, not even once by military. Our forefathers laid the foundation of a nation in which even the poorest of the poor believe that they have a voice. And our job is to make sure they never lose it..

Hope at the end of 70th Independence day, we not only would be standing on the threshold of joining the elite club of developed nations but also as a model for other nations to follow.

Jai Hind!

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Saravanan said...

May be the Boom and Independent India is a force to reckon with,but what do u say about the poverty levels and corruption.The economic liberlisation and the IT Boom is only for the upper middle Class and not for the man who earns Rs.!00 a day and has to feed four persons in his family.Plz check abrahamgeorge,

Unknown said...

@ Saravanan,
Only way to deal with corruption is through improving the system and process and also awarness campaign among citizens to show how bad it is.. [Though we blog & talk bad about corruption, still we prefer to pay 100 rupees to the police wallah when we skip the signal].. IT boom has given hope to even the poorest of the poor that they can become rich.. Mr. Narayana Murthy did not come from a rich family of a upper middle class family.. There is an opportunity for everybody if they do well in education.. Also when the growth hits the critical mass 12%, trickling rate of prosperity will gather storm and would reach the masses..

Anonymous said...

Poor fella,

I dont want to spoil your optimism, but it is difficult not to do so seing a fifth standard independence day essay like this ...

It's time u grew up ...

Unknown said...

@ Pseudoshater,
Thanks for ur comments... it helps in knowing my weakness.. I also knew very well that i am not a good or great writer.. But my belief is not about writing great articles but rather about expressing yourself.. That why my blog's title text is "A Blog to Express and not to impress".. I write what i wanted to express & not to create a 'wow' effect among readers.. And thanks once again for ur comments.. They would surely help me in writing better posts..