Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Google - Aggressive on Indian Market???

After enthralling the Indian users with the orkut polls and logo change, Google is now planning a lot of new gifts for the Indian Users. Today, they have posted in the Official Google Blog that they are going to come up with a lot of new products(gifts) for the Indian users. Coupling this with the recent Google roadshows they conducted for creating awareness among the SME sector(Read about it at Business Standard - Google Roadshows @ Ahmedabad), it means only one thing - Google has started taking Indian markets very seriously. So all Google Indian users, we have exciting times ahead of us!

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Got to know about the Google's Planned gifts for Indian Users from Namaste India(A post in the official Google blog). Probably the recent India centric-focus may be driven by the projected market for revenue through Adwords.

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