Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple Picking!?@#

Yeah! I would have been surprised too if somebody has said that i would go for apple picking(it should be called apple plucking.. at least according to my dictionary..)trip to an orchard. A New England tradition I was not even aware of, until my church friends invited me. Why lose out a chance to see the countryside when you have an opportunity???.. So my apple picking trail started, after the early morning church service, amidst the beautiful orchard. Different Varieties of apple are grown in different parts of the orchard and we are allowed to fill up a bag(bought at a price before starting the trail) with apples - that you choose and pluck from the trees. The main fun is choosing the best(Largest & red) apples that your eyes lay on. These apples are generally found only on the top of the trees. So it was fun climbing up and down.. of different trees and plucking up apples. Got reminded of my young days, when i used to climb the grand old guava tree in the home. After getting tired on eating apples, we made our way back, carrying a whole bunch of apples. On the whole, it was a fun weekend, away from Boston.

P.S: Hmmm... Slowly I am becoming a Bostonian... :)


Anonymous said...

jus now found out that you're also in the US. :) after apples, what? do you get enough hols to roam around?

Unknown said...

after apples, it is whales.. :). Yeah! Getting enough hols to roam about, but not enough time on week days to blog about it.. :(