Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My First Post from US Soil

It has been a week since I first set foot in this 'land of opportunities'. Bored with the 'busy' terms in IIM Indore, thought that studying in another college would provide you ample time to chill out. But the way the classes are progressing, I don't think I would get that much needed time to chill out. :(

But otherwise, it has been a great experience. Similar to 'priceless' ad campaigns of MasterCard, going through a lot of priceless moments that i would carry in my life.
  • Living in your own apartment - $1300/month but learning cooking under Ramesh and then cooking on your own - Priceless
  • Studying in a US B-School damn costly
    • But studying in a class in which the fairer sex are in the majority - Priceless
    • But studying in a class with people from different nations - Priceless
    • But chatting with Pakistani[conversation was mostly in Hindi.. :(] - Priceless
    • But window shopping the enormous number of well chosen books in Harvard Co-op Book Store - Priceless
    • But reading "Oh! Jerusalem", the book i have been searching for 3 years, that too for free - Priceless
Expecting to get a lot more "Priceless" moments in this short stay in Boston, U.S.A


Sreeram N said...

Priceless moments, will remain in memory for long. Its nice to see your blogs again.

Hope you are able to capture some of these moments as pictures, so that we people here can also enjoy. :)

Vimal said...

Nice to see u having a good time there. just study as little as is required and enjoy :)
and as sreeram mentioned, do keep blogging so that we also share the fun.

Unknown said...

@ Sreeram & Vimal,
Because of a small misfortune, did not bring my camera with me... Now have to get it from my sister. waiting for it.. Once i get it, will surely start shooting and sending.. :)

Unknown said...

Good to see ur post from Boston,Has U.S satisfied ur expectations?All the best