Sunday, September 30, 2007

On a Whale Trial

After the last weekend at the apple orchard, this week Ramesh & I decided to go for one of the whale watch tours. Mostly because one of the close relatives of Ramesh has suggested it to him. Anyway rather than doing our assignments[:(], we preferred the option. Friday, being the only common day on which Ramesh & I don't have classes, we thought we book the tickets on that day and also we could avoid the week end rush. But a full boat(more or less) caught me by surprise. And the reason was pretty simple - the trip is pretty awesome.

After spending some few minutes in the New England Aquarium(not worth a visit), we took our seats in Voyager III, the cruise boat that was taking us to the sea. Thanks for the helpful tip in the website that recommended us to bring a winterwear, I brought my jacket for the tour. It turned out to be a wise decision against my view that i am carrying an extra weight in this hot day. It became pretty cold, once we moved to the interiors of the ocean. After a hour travel, we had our first whale sighting. It was really a delight to see them at close quarters - especially the humpback whales diving, open feeding, tail splashing, ... right next to your boat. Surelly a Photographer's delight! After a few minutes, i lost count of number of whale sightings.

The boaf staff after spending a few minutes watching a few random whales, decided to take the matters in their own hand and started following a Whale pair. Oh! The next few minutes were great watching the whales without any fear for the foreign activity, coming up close to our boat. Was able to take a nice video of one such sighting of a whale that came so close to our boat.

In whole, it was pretty awesome and enjoyable trip to see such huge animals so near to you.. that too in their wild.

P.S: After the whale watching, my research(!) in wikipedia revealed it is a one billion dollar industry!!! Hmmm!!!


Sajeev said...

You lucky dog! :D

Been a long time since I read your posts. Great to know you are having a great time (know that from GTalk too but reading your blog makes one jealous).
I do have one grouse though, I wish you would elaborate a bit more.

Sreeram N said...

I feel really happy to hear that you two are having a great time! Hoping to 'hear' more about these experiences here.
Too bad, we here can't view your video.

So, send it by mail or thro chat to us da!