Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yoga and Christianity: Are they compatible

When NDTV news reported about "Two Church halls in U.K. banning Yoga", it might have been a shock for a few Indians. But for the Indian Christian community, it is something that has been under discussion for quite some time. (Though the Indian Catholic Church immediately expressed its displeasure of the decision of 2 church halls).

Both the proponents and opponents of Yoga in Christian community have their own reasons to believe in their stand. While the proponents talk about the multiple benefits of Yoga - e.g. one of my devout christian friends and the college chess captain explains how the breathing exercises of Yoga has helped him in Chess games by increasing his concentration. The opponents talk about the mutually exclusive view points of Yoga and Christianity about God, Man, Man's fundamental problem and its solution. Read for yourself why Yoga and Christianity are incompatible @ " - Yoga and Christianity: Are they compatible".

But my first dash with Yoga was enough to take my own stand of keeping myself away from Yoga, in spite of its multiple benefits. "Surya namaskar", the first exercise that was taught to me, made me feel uncomfortable, just by its name. (Remember, it is a blasphemous thing for both Christians and Muslims to worship anything/anyone other than God). And i feel more uncomfortable at places where Yoga is made compulsory.

P.S: Major reason for writing this post is not to explore the compatibility of Yoga with Christianity, but just to remind that there may be a few among us who don't carry the same high opinion about Yoga as a lot of other Indians do.


Ayush Paul said...

I am an agnostic. But seriously you read to much into Surya namaskar. It's not worshiping the Sub. It's greeting the Sun on the day!!! It's like you say namaste to other people. Yeah if someone does feel that it is against religious sentiments should express it, but in a way other people may not feel that they are being insulted.

deepanjali said...

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Unknown said...

@ Ayush,
I accept that I read too much into Surya namaskar.. But think me as someone who has been bombarded with " Incompatibility of yoga with Christanity".. It was just a tipping point..

Unknown said...

@ deepanjali,
Thanks for visiting my blog..