Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Action Day - A review

David Vs. Goliath fight of environmentalists against big corporates and bigger Governments has always attracted support from various fronts. Blog Action Day - October 15th was the day for bloggers to show their support to the environmental issues. Me being a laggard in these kind of issues, I decided to wait and watch for the results. To my surprise more than 20,000 bloggers with a cumulative RSS subscrisbership of around 15 million wrote about "How to protect the environment better". Most of them are not writers and even of a lesser number are environmentalists. So there would have been thousands of perspectives and ideas flowing aound.. Hmm.. If you want to crunch more numbers, get all the required data from Blog Action Day - Statistics.

P.S: Came to know about Blog Action Day from Sreeram's Pre-Post on Blog Action Day. But he convenientely forgot to write about this issue on October 15. :D


Sreeram N said...

Since my name is being referred to here, let me leave the first comment. No amount of reasoning could mend my inaction to actually post on a relevant topic on the "Blog Action Day". But then me and my fickle mind was caught up with some other action or the other that I completely forgot about this. Nevertheless, I must say that this drive was unique and a good way of garnering attention to a problem that universally affects everyone. And I'm glad to see that this mission has been quite successful. Hopefully I'll be better geared up the next time such an event comes up. :)

Unknown said...

@ Sreeram,
So hopefully at least on October 15, 2008 you won't forget to write about environment.. [And if you miss, surely expect another post from me, pointing your (lack of) ability to remember.. :D
I am also planning to join this next year.. We will see how it turns out..