Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Hampshire - Nature at its Best

The only term you could coin New Hampshire during its Fall Season is "Nature at its Best". Columbus Day, being a holiday on a week end, I joined my church friends to another trip - this time to New Hampshire. The reason stated was "Breakfast". Yeah! Food at that place was great.. Yummy.. :) But the drive through the roads was the most exciting part. When my friends in U.S. and India said that "Visit New Hampshire in Fall Season" that too not once but in all their mails. I thought it would be nice. But i never thought that it would be a place where people would be forced to shove me inside the car to ride back to Boston.

Each tree with its different fall colors combining beautifully to produce the scintillating effect. (Sorry! I am not a poet or Sajeev. So bear my words trying to describe the effects). Once has to be there to understand how nature can convince you to stand there for eternity in a single second. Hmm. I was ready to give anything for not having that feeling of numbness and disappointment that hits you on entering the Boston, the beautiful concrete jungle. But Life has to go on.

1. Was Unable to take photos because of the rains on Columbus Day.

2. Also Sorry for my inability to post 2nd annual Northeastern Underwear/Undie Run on October 13, 2007. Did not have my camera :).

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