Friday, November 02, 2007

Chennai - The Happening City of India

Only the people who live in Chennai understood the magnificence of the city... But others always complain about auto wallahs, heat, etc. For example even Sajeev keeps on complaining how sad the place is... [If you don't believe in my statement, visit the comments page of Sreeram's recent post 'Of Renaming Places'] While i generally ignore them since i understand the envy of others regarding Chennai. But here is a chance to throw mud at this erstwhile famous "Chennai-bashers" gang. After 3.11 PM of November 11th, you guys wont get the chance to throw foolish remarks like that.

What is happening on 3.11PM on 03/11/07?
A few people are trying to encourage the chennaists to capture that one moment on 3.11PM and upload them to a common pool to freeze the entire city into a frame, in the span of a second.

For more details visit 03:11 PM’.

Why 3:11 PM?
No great significance! Just another wonderful day in the life of chenna-ists...

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Sajeev said...

still is pretty sad :D