Monday, December 24, 2007

God Save Tirunelveli CSI Diocess

CSI Church of South India Tirunelveli Diocese CrestWhen a police Jeep is required for the peaceful conduct of a Church Service in Tirunelveli, you know that something is horribly wrong. It is not (the regular) RSS and Sangh Parivar, who are the culprits but the internal politics of Tirunelveli CSI Diocese. The intricacies of the politics witnessed during the recent elections showed the stuff that Tirunelveli CSI Diocese is really made up of. The recent elections got everything from double crossing, 'bunkee' jumping and even the occasional violence. (Surely would make a very good thriller movie). Read the story - 'Nellai Diocesan fight turns ugly'

But for someone who loves the church and diocese, it is the sign of a doom bell ringing aloud. A Case Study of what would happen when power is given to religious authorities. [CSI Tirunelveli Diocese controls around 360 institutions and has 85,000+ students under its various institutions]. Was really heart wrenching to see a diocese which has produced national christian leaders going downhill.

God Save Tirunelveli CSI Diocese.


RajaThomas said...

Dear Brother Apprecitae your posting.
In this season our Tirunelveli diocese is going towards a tremendous destruction because of some individuals selfish motivations (‘filthy lucre’ 1 Peter 5:2). The media is using this as an opportunity to create an anti Christian movement in our Diaspora. Since our leaders in the church have gone thus far in this episode we are in a position to respond to this issue by our fervent prayers. In addition how we are going to face the non Christians and share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. It is a sad episode and whoever are the causes for this election episode should pay the cost for it. In the mission history the Tirunelveli church has an important place and it has a unique Scripture based tradition and we need to preserve it for God’s sake.

“For if you remain silent at this time…” (Esther 4:14)

Therefore let us come in unity and cry together that our Lord will interfere in a way that the non Christians also come to know that ‘He is feared by the kings of the earth.’(Ps.76:12b)

Whoever read this please add your comments/ responds and forward it to our fellow Tirunelvelian Christians.


Unknown said...

@ rajathomas,
Accept ur statement.. Only thing we could do is pray about it..

Also one thing that history has taught us is that when power is given to religious authorities, politics takes precedence to God's call... [E.g. Churches in Europe Vs Churches in USA].. Hope CSI churches learn this lesson quickly and change their paths according to the ways of God.

- Robin

Anonymous said...

I praise God, the almighty made everything better by choosing Rt. Rev. J.J. Christdoss as the Bishop in Tirunelveli. Now most of the culprits were away the diocese or silent. Our prayers were answered, the answering God doing mighty things in the diocese. Please continue your prayer for this God made diocese and churches. May God Bless us and use us. - David Anbu Prabakaran