Thursday, December 13, 2007

Orkut Vs Facebook In India

Facebook logo IndiaOrkut with its simple design and non-American focus, is the leading Social networking site in India. But with the Facebook craze slowly starting in India, there are a whole bunch of people who have started jumping from Orkut to Facebook. Students, for whom orkutting and scrapping was the next most important thing to food & shelter, are not even logging onto orkut these days- thanks to their new found love - facebook. Everybody loves the cool look, applications, privacy in facebook while they hate the fact that anybody can see their scraps, profile,etc in orkut.

Orkut logo IndiaBut Orkut is not lying down - waiting to be overtaken by facebook. It is correcting its weak points and simultaneously acquiring the strengths of its major competitor. Recently, orkut gave its users to make their contents - profile, scraps, feeds, videos, photos private. [News via Orkut Blog - Keep your contents private]. With this move, Orkut satisfies a whole group of people who were cribbing about privacy in orkut. Now we have to wait for OpenSocial applications so that Orkut could give that final blow to facebook in India.


ts said...

Thats a nice write up. I, for one, never knew facebook was so cool. Having used orkut much, i was staggered, i should say, by the complexity of facebook. I still consider Orkut better than facebook as far as social networking is concerned for its simplicity.

Unknown said...

Huge number of applications in Facebook that makes it complex for a few people - makes it look cool for a lot of people.. Also certain applications are really useful...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well I think that facebook is not so complex as other people think..It has huge number of applications and features that makes it much better than Orkut...And the future of social networking site in India is Facebook itself...

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