Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rahul Gandhi! Start a Blog!

Rahul GandhiToday I came across an article in New York Times - 'From Iran's Fiery Leader, a Slightly Tamer Blog' that informed the readers about the blog maintained by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran. Was really surprised on hearing that.

If the fiery leader of Iran could maintain a blog, what prevents any of our Indian political leaders to do the same thing? It would provide each of them an opportunity/platform to interact with the public and discuss the rational for their various policies. Also the person's popularity among the youth and IT crowd would go up one or two notches.

It is even acceptable that we can not expect these things from the oldies like Advani(Presidential Candidate, BJP) or Mr. M Karunadhi(CM, Tamilnadu). But what prevents the younger generation leaders like Maran, Rahul Gandhi, etc to use the web/blogging as a medium to interact with the general public. Hope it happens soon.

P.S: Link to Mahoumd Ahmadinejad' Blog -

1 comment:

coolvivek said...

Oh poor Rahul..
This article was written long ago..
still he didnt start one..
I am surprised at Congress Party's apathy.. Sigh..