Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Controversy for Controversy's sake

Sania Mirza Indian Flag ControversyWhy should Sania Mirza has to face controversies after controversies? Why should Tamil Actress Shriya face a police complaint for wearing an outfit that is 'very very modest' compared to her costumes in movies?
These issues shows the rising trend of 'controversies just for the sake of controversies' in India. :(

It is a pity that most of these controversies center around women celebrities. And most of us(including me) neglect these controversies... Justifying our self that they are paying the price for their celebrity status. If left unchecked, these controversies for the sake of controversies may become the glass ceiling for women in public life. And the best way to deal with the people creating these controversies is to cut off their incentive.(like the what the Associated Press did as a week long experiment with regard to Paris Hilton). It is time Indian Media stopped giving air time in news channels or space in the newspaper columns to these kind of organizations who go after controversies for the sake of controversy.

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