Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Interesting News - Speedlinking

A few news items that helped me to smile even amidst the gloominess caused by the stock market crash:
  • With the stocks crashing all over the world, each person/organization had their own reaction... Our Finance Minister P Chidambaram tried to assure the market of the Indian growth story... US Fed cut its interest rate... Financial experts advised the investors not to panic... But the cops from Ahmedabad had the most interesting reaction... Their reaction to stock market crash: Secure Ahmedabad's largest lake... Wanted to know why, read 'Market Crash: Cops secure Ahmedabad's largest lake'
  • Someone living in India is used to hear frequent press statements from opposition party leaders demanding the resignation of the ruling party on matters of little public interest. But this one is the icing on the cake. Jayalalitha seeks CM's resignation for death of cows
  • While the Indian media trumpeted the 'Triumph of Justice' in Bilkis Banu's case, a relative of one of the accused comes with the perfect reason to prove that the case is fabricated: "No Hindu father and son will rape the same woman at the same time". Read the news here
P.S: Got to read these news items, thanks to India Uncut

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