Sunday, January 06, 2008

Role of Caste in Indian Cricket

BCCI Logo Board Control Cricket IndiaAh! Finally an Australian reporter writes how caste could play in who represents India in cricket. On reading the news - 'A Class Act? Opinions Differ', I was shell-shocked. Who would have thought this situation exist in Indian Cricket Team, the one love of all Indians?

Only Fools believe that caste plays a role in the selection of Indian cricket team. But as the article points out that there is a huge number of people from a single caste(7 in the playing 11), disproportionate to their percentage of Indian population. It means something is wrong somewhere. May be there is a caste discrimination at the lower level... May be the elitist sports is played only by the elite caste of India. But whatever may be the reason, it has to be identified soon and corrected. Or else it could become a tailor made situation for politicians to exploit for their personal benefits. BCCI! Please Wake Up!


Vimal said...

Robin, I must say Iam disappointed at ur observations. U began off on the correct note saying that no one even thinks of caste/religion in Indian cricket. But as u proceeded ur tone conveys that u also beleive that there is a possibility that it might be caste driven. Heck, what the hell are you doubting man? Do u even know what is the power and reach of this sport? The barriers it has broken, the integrity it has ignited?And since u were talking numbers, let me ask u a few things - Isn't this the country which had Mohammed Azharuddin as the captain for a long, long time? Or our recent T20 WC final where 2 pathans were playing? My friend, there is nothing to be identified and corrected. If the Indian team walks out tomorrow with 11 brahmins or 11 Dalits or 11 Muslims, it still is Team India for me and all true fans of the sport.

U know one of the chief reasons why I love the sport - because it unites our nation like no other thing. And just because some australian jackass wrote some bullshit, we need not worry.
And our cunning politicians would know far better than trying to introduce caste into cricket.

Unknown said...

@ Vimal,
I believe that caste does not play any role in Indian cricket team... But statistics.. point out a abnormality.. i don't know why.. i am not trying to find out the answer.. But i believe it has to be corrected somehow.. Just because it was written by some Australian whose intent was to discredit & demoralize our cricket team in Australia does not mean "We should ignore the problems".. For years, Indian cricket has suffered from the allegation that it is accessible only for rich people and for people from urban cities.. [in the sense, they only could afford to practice].. But today, these allegations are bygone and players are coming from small towns and villages.. I don't want our team to be tainted with similar kind of allegations for some more years..

Remember our cunning politicians want votes at any cost.. And they will easily use the love of people(cricket) to incite crowds against a particular caste(like MK) or religion(like Modi)..

And at any cost, I don't want a quota system in Indian cricket team... (like SA).. So it is time somebody worked on this issue..