Tuesday, February 05, 2008

100th Post

100 Birthday cake Century Centum hundredIn Cricket, Nnineties however important it is, can never match the aura of a hundred. We still recall how Dan Bradman missed a career average of 100 runs by just 4 runs. The number 100 is special to all of us including me... We all would like to live to a magic age of 100...

But why all this hullabaloo about number 100?
Simple Reason: This is the 100th post to be published in this blog - http://robinsamuel.blogspot.com. The blog has evolved and grown in the mean time. From just being a space where i write some idiotic stuff about myself, it has metamorphosed itself into an India-centric Opinion blog with less and less personal stuff.

Rather than writing something new to make this special post extra-special, it would be better if i pick out the five best posts of mine in earlier 99 posts... [It also serves the purpose of informing the new readers of this blog of my earlier posts :) ]

1. In Service for Sight - This post is special because it is the first post in which i moved from personal stuff to general stuff. It is about Dr. V and Aravind Hospitals who by their single-minded focus and vision has shown us what is possible for a single person to achieve individually in the land where we live in.

2. Why Tirunelveli is the City of the World? - One Post that still brings me smile even after reading it umpteen number of times. Extra-Extra-Special

3. Orkut Celebrates India's Independence Day - Only Post that has the record of bringing in more than 1000 page views in a single day. Thanks to some luck!

4. BSNL And its Comical Vision - Something that i found out comical about BSNL's Vision and only person on the net to point out the foolishness committed by such a huge Public Sector Company of India.

5. Are Pyramid Schemes(Questnet, Goldquest) Easy Ways to Make Money? - A Constant Traffic Driver even today. My Only Hope is that People who are thinking about investing >30K in those scams get to read this post or posts with similar messages from other blogs.

Enjoy Reading!!!

P.S: Incidentally, This Blog has also hit 10K Page Views Mark. :)


Vimal said...

Congratulations! Keep it going. More than just the numbers, I feel the best part about the blog is that u have kept hitting at important issues every now and then. Carry on the good work!

Being a regular reader, I have a small recommendation as well - The blog looks too cluttered and untidy at times. Suggest better fonts and templates be used :)

Saravanan said...

congrats na..great work..ve been reading ur blog ever since i found it through a google search...I always think u r improving every post to a higher level..I really enjoyed that tirunelveli post..I just read that again a few days back..I ve always considered u to be a role model in blogging..Keep posting...

P.S:I couldn't post anything recently bcoz i am sort of busy with our Department Symposuium...Hell a lot of work..

Unknown said...

@ Vimal,
Thanks for the wishes and the feedback.. Once i m free(once the placement process is over) will try to rework on the fonts and templates..

@ Saravanan,
Thanks a lot for the wishes da..