Monday, February 11, 2008

Google Updates!

No company has impressed me as Google has done. Their newer products has never stopped amazing me. And Google continues this tradition with these latest news from its blog.

1. Know India's Hottest Trends:
Google Trends India Shahrukh Khan Vs Amitabh BachchanWant to know a snapshot of Indians' collective mind, visit Google Trends - India and come to know the fast rising searches of the day. Find out who is popular, Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar or Sania Mirza, Bharti Airtel or Vodafone, TATA or Reliance. Read more @ What's India searching for Online?.

2. Death of Elections Talk Shows???
Google Twitter Integration Super TuesdayThis was the question that raised in my mind when i saw the integration of Google Maps with Twitter[Asking what is Twitter, read about it here]. Hearing(reading) what people like you and me have to say about Super Tuesday (in just 140 characters) was much more interesting than hearing all that nonsense in Election Talk shows. Yeah! Death of Election Talk shows may be far reaching but this product has a huge potential. Read more @ Be part of the Super Tuesday Action & Super Tuesday Wrapup

3. OpenSocial Apps Very Soon on Orkut:
One of the things from Google that i have been waiting for is the OpenSocial Apps in Orkut. And Opensocial API Blog reports that i don't have to wait for many more days. Facebook-style applications would go live to Orkut users in the last week of February. Read more about Google OpenSocial at Google Out'foxing'(opening) Competition.

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Srivats said...

Aah, nice bit of tech update in this post... yet, id like you to check out this link and the flv file in the references...

Unknown said...

Though the video EPIC_2014 seems far fetched, it is something that Facebook(not google) is trying to achieve.. They are trying to use the information in their social media network to provide target advertising in websites... [A different business model of ads on website depending on person rather than ads depending on the content of the website(Google's model].. Also if user generated content is bad, wikipedia should have been pathetic... But it is not the case..

Anonymous said...

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