Friday, March 21, 2008

Goodbye IIM Indore

IIM Indore is one of the few places on earth where only a few could resist falling in love with the place. And a single post is surely not enough to share the fun and amazing experiences that one has in the hillock that never sleeps. In 2 years, there were few things that amazed me, a huge number of things that I am going to miss and an infinite number of things that i loved about the campus.

IIM Indore is a campus where things/people can never stop amazing you. Once I landed in IIM Indore, the first thing that amazed me was the wonderful, down-to-earth, intelligent people you get to meet in the campus. And the people never stopped amazing me in my 2 years there. And I can vouch that most of them is going to make big in their lives.

After living in IIM Indore for 2 years, everybody would have their unique hundreds of things that they are going to miss. My List would include Late night Maggis, Alive at 4am Work Style, Always 'Busy' GTalk Status,Thousands of movies and Hundreds of Serials on ODC, CPs, Late night walks, Heated Arguments on Ordinary Issues and Boring Professors. Hmm.... But the thing I most loved about this place is living in a planet pre-occupied with itself and totally disconnected from the world.

Now the time has come to move on. Good Bye! IIM Indore - Place where i came to know my love for Blogging and Place a boy Became a Man! Good Bye.

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Sreeram N said...

The days of playing TT are over... :(

Unknown said...

Hmmm.. Miss the Good old TT too.. :( Dont know when can i get to play TT again..

Indore360 said...

hey Robin,
I have added the link to your blog on The best portal of Indore city hope you don't mind that. thank you.

Ravi said...

U discover a new love every day on this planet. I just entered it a few months back and I wish I could stay here forever. For the time being, I wana cherish my time here. Nice to see that so many people share the same view...Ur life at Planet I will always be a part of this institute.

Unknown said...

@ ravi,
Thanks for the comment.. Always nice to get in touch with another guy from planet-i.. :)