Saturday, March 08, 2008

Placement '08 @ IIM Indore

Campus Placements are always a great experience in anyone's lives. It is the time when you are unsure of your future and have a thousand of questions in your heart - whether I will be placed? If so, where? What will be my salary?, etc.. Studying in an elite institute like IIM Indore has an advantage that you can be sure about getting a job offer. Only Question would be whether you will get your dream profile in the dream company with a dream salary.

But this time, the situation was different. With Sub Prime Crisis and precarious state of US Economy, rumors were flying around that a huge number of Investment Banks & foreign companies(Day Zero Companies) were not going to turn up in IIM - Ahmedabad, IIM - Bangalore and IIM - Calcutta. So we were worried whether this would have any cascading effect on IIM Indore. But thanks to an awesome work done by IIM Indore Placement committee, most of the students were happy with the offers they received.

Highlight of the Placement '08 in IIM Indore:

  • 42% growth in the number of participating companies (Batch Size increased by 50% this year)
  • 20% growth in Average Domestic Salary over Last year [Driven by the huge increase in Average salary of Marketing Offers - Highest Ever in the Campus]
  • Highest Domestic Salary offered - 26 Lakhs p.a. [44% Increase compared to last year]
  • About 50% of the batch accepted offers from the Banking and Financial Services.
  • Among the different sectors, Average Salary of IT companies was the lowest [With US Recession looming around, all the IT companies were pretty cautious]
  • Top 50 offers had an average salary of INR 18 Lakhs per annum [International offers may have been included in calculating this]
  • Average Salary of accepted offers - INR 13.07 Lakhs per annum [Here too, International offers may have been included]

To read the complete report, Click IIM Indore - Final Placement Report 2008.

IIM Indore in its 10 years of existence has surely achieved some stupendous growth and recognition in the Indian Corporate. This year's Placement stands testament to the fact that IIM Indore can attract top notch placement not only during the boom years but also when things are not going its way.

Disclaimer: All the facts and numbers are taken from IIM Indore's Placement report. Hope you know that the placement report of all the B-Schools have to be taken with a pinch of salt.


Anonymous said...

pinch of salt???
i think they should be taken with a truck of salt...
these are all marketing gimmicks....
dream offers...dream profiles...blah blah....
only the ones who get in realize what sad kinda rat race prevails inside...and in the end not all rats win you know ;)

Unknown said...

Though there is some truth in what you said, it is also the fact that the placements in IIM have always been better than placements elsewhere in India..