Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ban Harbhajan for slapping Sreesanth

Sreesanth crying because of Harbhajan's slap If it is true that Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth, BCCI should take firm action against him. However bad Marco Materazzi taunted Zidane in the world cup, Zidane's head butt was not justified (This is in a sport that is much more violent than cricket). Similarly whatever Sreesanth had done to invoke Harbhajan, a slap is unwarranted and not justified. BCCI should take firm action after a quick and proper enquiry. He should be banned for at least a few matches and a huge fine should be laid on him.


By this slap, Harbhajan has let himself down and made the whole nation to doubt his earlier actions during the Australian controversy. He has also given fodder to the likes of Mathew Hayden who has already called him 'an obnoxious weed'. Now even the Indians would start asking whether he is really an obnoxious weed to cricket? Expect the Australians to get back on Harbhajan with full force.

Indian Premier League

But during this controversy there will be one group of people who will laugh their way to the bank - Organizers of Indian Premier League. This controversy will generate more publicity for Indian Premier League and will shoot its television ratings further. Lalit Modi would be thanking his stars for this controversy.


Sreeram N said...

Both Bhajji and Sree are highly temperamental players - on field. Agreed that what Bhajji did was absolutely wrong - and he deserves the punishment. But what's more disconcerting is the fact that Indians are also turning out to be no better than Aussies in the verbal fights.
I mean, c'mon there's a limit to the way you can verbally abuse another person. Verbal abuse is no better or worse than a physical abuse in terms of the hurt it causes. The matter should be investigated properly and the result of this should be a lesson for all future Indian cricketers.

Unknown said...

hey.. but sledging is surely a part of sports.. you cannot stop that.. since there is no technology still to find conclusive evidence to sledging.. until then, it is going to continue..

Personally.. I dont think that bad about sledging... When u play seriously, an average person is bound to sledge since he is looking for that extra edge in the competitive world.. we will see how BCCI decides on this matter..