Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Twitter: the next Big Thing?

While the media believes that Facebook is going to be the next big thing in Web Technology, the tech circles have started questioning that belief. These doubts arise from the recent user fatigue observed from the social networking websites, the increasing popularity of Twitter and few niggling problems in Facebook.


Facebook Vs Twitter

Twitter that started off as a micro blogging platform, has now started to encroach people's time from social media sites too. Facebook (and Orkut) provided us an opportunity to get into a conversation with your friends and peers. But unlike Twitter, you can interact with only one person at a time(that is, more like a email). But in Twitter, you get an opportunity to interact with all of your followers and thereby increasing the chances of a meaningful communication that happens real time but still thought provoking and intellectual. Twitter has brought its own blogging fatigue as Scoble recently reported in his blog. But I was still unconvinced since anything without an option to monetize is tough to succeed.  But today's post in Problogger - PayperTweet showed that people will come with innovative ways to solve that too.


Mainstream Acceptance

An interesting thing is the acceptance that Twitter is being able to generate from people outside tech circles. For e.g. 10, Downing Street, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. have their own Twitter accounts though it has not yet got the publicity like Facebook.


India Centricity

As usual, Twitter has not found a mention in any of the mainstream media. None of the politicians or news channels are using them though Twitter as a service is the most suitable technology for their mode of communication. Thankfully, Chennai redeems the respect for India by organizing the first Twitter Meet in India.

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Update: Sorry, I fell for April Fool's Joke in Problogger. PayperTweet was a April fool's Joke.. :(

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