Sunday, September 07, 2008

Google Chrome - Review

When the news about the upcoming Google Chrome reached my ears, I was expecting a web browser that would change the rules of the game.  Surprisingly,  my first impression about Google Chrome was not that great. [Surprise - Since Chrome is coming from the stables of Google]


Being a Google enthusiast, I started consoling myself that it was an after-effect of using firefox for a long time. I believed that using Google Chrome for a few more days would change my views. Alas! Here I am,  after my using Google Chrome for the last 5 days.


Positive things first. There are a few unique features in Chrome that I loved.

  • The way it guesses the website address (including the websites which I have never visited)
  • I don't need to have my default Web browser open to see the web links I click from Feedemon.
  • New Tab page that showcases the most visited pages...

But still, my mouse prefers firefox to Chrome. Hope Google Chrome comes with some breathtaking changes or I will go back to my firefox.

P.S: I was quite surprised by the buzz that Google tried to create around 'Google Chrome'

  • Link in Google Search Homepage
  • Posts in most of the blogs of other Google products

Seems Google has big plans around the browser. Let us wait and see