Sunday, September 07, 2008

Google Chrome - Review

When the news about the upcoming Google Chrome reached my ears, I was expecting a web browser that would change the rules of the game.  Surprisingly,  my first impression about Google Chrome was not that great. [Surprise - Since Chrome is coming from the stables of Google]


Being a Google enthusiast, I started consoling myself that it was an after-effect of using firefox for a long time. I believed that using Google Chrome for a few more days would change my views. Alas! Here I am,  after my using Google Chrome for the last 5 days.


Positive things first. There are a few unique features in Chrome that I loved.

  • The way it guesses the website address (including the websites which I have never visited)
  • I don't need to have my default Web browser open to see the web links I click from Feedemon.
  • New Tab page that showcases the most visited pages...

But still, my mouse prefers firefox to Chrome. Hope Google Chrome comes with some breathtaking changes or I will go back to my firefox.

P.S: I was quite surprised by the buzz that Google tried to create around 'Google Chrome'

  • Link in Google Search Homepage
  • Posts in most of the blogs of other Google products

Seems Google has big plans around the browser. Let us wait and see


Vimal said...

Hey! Chrome is actually much faster than Firefox if u notice. The time it takes to load is super cool. That one reason is enough for most people to switch.
Anyways, as of now, Firefox is still better with its cool themes. Hope Chrome can come up with the same without compromising on the speed.

P.S - BTW, Blog posts like urs actually go a much longer way in promoting the product than Google itself does :)

Sreeram N said...

Chrome was really something I didn't expect, despite all the rumours going around. But still it's not good enough to replace Firefox or even IE.
Lot of small irritants: Security warning when I click the Google Reader(!) link from Gtalk page, not able to use Ctrl+Alt+W to check out a word in Word Web and improper rendering of important sites like my net banking site.
All said and done, it's still in Beta. But right now I see it as a more agile cross between Firefox & IE

Unknown said...

@ Vimal,
Yeah.. I accept that Chrome is much faster than Firefox... But as someone who mostly use web browser only for personal purposes, it is not enough to make me to shift from firefox to chrome.. Only thing that makes me to still use is the brand name of 'Google'

Yeah.. I even confessed in my post that i am a Google enthusiast.. (since i can't yet call myself as a Google evangelist)

@ Sreeram,
Yeah.. that is the point.. Sreeram.. Chrome without the brand name of Google is not enough for somebody to shift from firefox.. :)

@ Sreeram,

Ratzzz said...

whoa wait.. u are from Tirunelveli... u did undergrad at chennai anna univ.. and u wr in indore atleast till first quarter 0f 2008....

our life is so so so same to same...
came across u thru indiblogger

Ravi said...

I tried chrome. It's nowhere near Firefox rit now. The number of add-ons available with mozilla are extremely useful. In fact, one point u mentioned abt chrome, "New Tab page that showcases the most visited pages..." has always been available as an add-on feature with firefox. I've been using it for quite some time now. Firefox Rules.... :)