Thursday, November 27, 2008

War on Mumbai

There are days that define a nation. 9/11, Berlin Wall, etc.. Today is one of them. A Kashmiri-style Attack happening first time inside the real India.... 24-48 hour Terrorist siege - common to every Kashmiri - happening @ the financial capital of India.. 

Terrorism evolving into Urban War... A Sad Day... But also a day of opportunity to resolve this issue for once for all... Personally not knowing what to do, I look up to Government and God to save us from this New Age War. Though I know that the government is as as clueless as me - on how to react and handle this New Age War.

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Saravanan said...

I think the problem lies in the bottom of the process...the men who enter politics and the men who become many parents want their child to become a politician or a policiman today...we ve to make those two carrers attractive and broadcast its pros and cons extensively...And it is great that we still produce some extra ordinary men in those two professions...