Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why India will face more terrorist attacks?

It is rare that I start my day wanting to break somebody's face. But Today's New Item on Indian Express about Real Estate Agents in Surat sowing the seeds of terrorism was one such day... Read the News Item @ "Surat Real Estate Agents Says No House for Muslims"

I believe that all the real estate agents and brokers that have all taken an oath - not do business with Muslims should be banned and put behind the bars. I don't want my beloved company to broken into pieces of these idiots. Sadly none other than Indian Express covered this news. And they also did it in an unemotional way... as if all the Muslims in Surat deserved this for what happened in Mumbai. Hope better sense prevails in India.


Srivats said...

I think we should be happy that riots did not break out in mumbai. Sadly, its gonna take a few centuries more for a collective maturity to surface - the acts of a few should not be factored in for stereo typing.

Technically, we cannot blame these people. The press, the TV channels, and mass media - films, TV serials etc, should do their bit to educate the populace.

Anonymous said...

See, this country is going to the dogs slowly and the Prime Minister is busy telling George Bush that we love him. So apt!!! We deserve no better media and institutions. The charade of this pinup democracy is slowly showing it for what it is. I am surprised that you are surprised and angry at this as if this were new. There was a genocide of 2000 Muslims in that state in 2002 and nothing has come out of the investigations and you call such petty things as sowing the seeds of terrorism. If people in this poor country had taken up arms for such things, this country would not have existed till now.

Sample this:

Shah Rukh Khan, when asked about Narendra Modi: "Personally, he has never been hostile to me. I have never met him."

Soon, the chickens will break out of the roop and the soup party will be over.

Anonymous said...

@ bhuvanesh,
yeah... Gujarat riots left a deep scar in our nation that can never be rectified.. Yeah! It was a genocide.. I believe that the riots is one of the reasons for the increased terrorist attacks in India...

But thanks to our democracy, we will still triumph over all our differences, genocides and any other thing done by fascists in the country...