Friday, October 23, 2009

Indian Tamils Don't Have any Tamil Pride

More than 250K Tamils are still rotting and kept under locks in the closed camps of Srilanka.. We are happy that 41K were released. 10 member MP committee was more concerned about scoring brownie points rather than showing a little empathy for Srilankan Tamils in inhumane conditions.

  • It is sad to see 'The Hindu' being satisfied with printing the Srilankan Army press releases rather than reporting real news in Sri Lanka.
  • And the sad that it is being left to New York Times and European Union to report anything substantial.
  • It is sad to see that we don't have any 'Tamil' pride and are happy to let our bonds with Srilankan Tamils to rot.
  • It is sad to see the Indian Government releasing more funds for the Srilankan government rather than withdrawing trade concessions and banning Srilankan imports for their inhuman actions.

But most of all it is sad to see that we care about people living a thousand miles away and don't give a s**t our neighbors and our brothers.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Honest Scrap

Vimal wrote about Honest Scrap where i was one of the people to be awarded to write 10 Honest things about me.. [I have not figured why it is called 'Award'. If anybody comes to know let me know]. There are two rules for Honest Scrap Award Post
  1. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting)
  2. Second present the award to seven other bloggers
10 Honest Things About Myself:
  1. Until 3rd Standard, I studied in a class in which two thirds of batch was consisted of girls [Extremely Lucky and Extraordinary in an Indian School.. :(]
  2. I always feel that the quality/beauty of the girls in my class went down as i moved up in my academic life. School was better than undergrad college and undergrad college was a lot better than post grad school. [It is true that that you don't realize what you have, until it is taken away from you]
  3. Though I am a marketer today, I have only taken 3-4 marketing courses in my B-School. [Ever met a marketer who has not studied consumer behavior???]
  4. I am a closet ManU Supporter. [Since nothing gives me more fun than deriding other ManU Fans like Sajeev]
  5. And I am crazy about Chennai Super Kings and Boston Red Sox. (I maintain the most popular Chennai Super Kings Fan Blog -
  6. As a true Tirunelvelian, my childhood dream has always has been becoming a big "rowdy" with a golden heart in whose control lies the entire city
  7. I do support George Bush. :) [And Still Believe Hillary would have made a better president to Obama]
  8. I am a Congress supporter and believes BJP is one of the worst things that ever happened to India
  9. During my indore days, whenever i visited Tirunelveli, I have to explain to near & apart in Tirunelveli why i did choose such a far away college in central India rather than studying at 'Mummy Papa College' nearby
  10. Now I have to explain the reason for not working at an IT Company.
Vimal has already picked most of the others. So whoever reads this post, consider yourself nominated for the 'Honest Scrap'.

P.S: The post was lying in my draft for so many days. So decided to complete it only today and post it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is Genocide Happening At Srilanka???

In the last ten years of interest in politics, I have never the felt the need to join the protest march on the street. But the current genocide in Sri Lanka is making me think whether i should join the protesters on the street. I have never went on a protest march before, simply because the government have always worried about the view of the common man. But today, even when the state and central government knew the sentiments of the common man in Tamil Nadu, they chose to have a "No Care" Attitude. Simply Because they knew it won't be an election issue. Simply because Tamils are more worried about voting based on their caste, religion rather than on the injustice being meted out to their brethen across the border.

I am not a big fan of LTTE. But the things that are happening in Sri Lanka now is not right. And if Srilankan President is dreaming that this war would bring peace to the nation in a few days, it is just a pipe dream. Srilankan Army may win this battle but they will never win the war against Srilankan Tamils and their fight will continue until justice is done to Sri Lankan Tamils. LTTE under Prabhakaran might not be the organization that will win the war but I am sure someday, someone will. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Renewed Srilankan Tamil Movement

With the Srilankan Army nearing a military win against LTTE, people have started believing that the 25 Year Tamil Struggle Against Srilanka is nearing the end. Sadly they are mistaken that a win in this battle would end the war. Srilankan Army may crush LTTE but I don’t see an end to Sinhalese – Tamils Conflict.

While the international observers may have forgotten that this civil war started as a struggle for freedom, justice and equal rights, the real stakeholders of the war – Srilankan Tamils have not forgotten this fact. Even after 25 years of war, those issues have not properly been addressed. And the current political leadership in Sri Lanka is showing any signs of their intent on addressing those issues

Sadly, People forgot that a Community can be faulted for breeding terrorists when they live in an eternal fear for even speaking in their mother tongue. As Hitler showed, handling a victory with arrogance sows the seed for another, greater war. With the increasing support for Srilankan Tamils among Indian Tamils, don’t be surprised to see the arrival of another Srilankan Tamil revolutionary organization rising out of the ashes of LTTE.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Outliers – Book Review

Based on the recommendations of the various bloggers I follow, I decided to read “Outliers”. Man! I was impressed. Though the book does not open up your mind in a big way, a few key points that the book brings out will change the way you assess a person.

Key Points:

  • It showed me that Personal Success depends hugely on being at the right place and at the right time. [For e.g. Entrepreneurs from IIM – A – 1989 Batch is hugely higher than other batches, All the Tech Entrepreneurs belong to the same age group, etc.. ]
  • It deciphers with statistics that Personal Success depends on growing up in the right family, right school, etc..  Though I.Q. Levels make a difference for your first job. Afterwards, it is the other factors – Growing up in the right family, right school, etc. that leads to Success in your domain.
  • It is essential to put in 10,000 Hours of Practice to really become great. (i.e. Sachin become great only after putting in 10,000 Hours of Batting Practice, Tiger Woods, became great only after putting in those hours, Beattles became great only after practicing for 10,000 Hours)

Just for Bringing out these points, I believe that the book is worth the money I paid.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Google Becomes Evil

Until now, Only the good things about Google used to reach our ears - 20% personal project time, unlimited sick days, Free Food, etc. Lot of people even expected Google the Savior to save them from the Evil Corporation - Microsoft. Sadly, those golden days for Google are slowly coming to an end.

A few Days Back, Google laid off people for the first time. Today ex-Google badmouthing Google email is blogged at Techcrunch – Why Google Employees Quit. It is really sad to see the beginning of the end of Google love story.

Advani – Obama Imitator???

We all knew Obama used Web in an effective way to garner votes and gather support. Now Advani wants to replicate his success model in India. So he started his own website and his own blog to connect with people. But sadly India is no America and Advani is no Obama. So his website is not getting any big traction.

So what does he do? Do what he has been taught to do. Advertise so that people will visit his website. Since all the PR and viral videos have not worked. :D

See Advani Google Adwords CPC in my blog

Advani Advertisement for Advani Website

Slumdog Millionaire – Comments

All the Indians who expect an "Incredible India” advertisement from Slumdog Millionaire are sure to be disappointed on seeing the movie. Most of these disappointed Indians have already starting starting pouring different forums with their acid comments.

Ugly Side of India

Yeah. The Movie showcased an extreme or an ugly side of India and it did not provide a complete picture of India. 100% True. But the movie was never meant to provide the complete picture. It meant to show there is an India which still lives unaffected by its glitz and glamour. And I think it did that successfully. [Though I also agree that “Shit” Scene could have been avoided']

English Language

Film critics will always point out that around two-third of movie is in English.. What else do you expect from a British Film? It was made so that British and American audience can understand and not that an Indian can understand. So Please don’t play the language card.

Lead Actors

Yeah! There are many more talented Indian actors than the lead pair.

Loop Holes in Storyline

Yeah! There are a lot of loopholes in the movie. There are a lot of places movie does not explain even the necessary things.  Movie does not explain how Jamal & Salim learnt English. The movie does not explain why Salim did not like Latika. For that matter the movie never establish the love of Latika. But still the movie works thanks to the strength of the premise of the movie. Anyway. I liked the movie and fell more in love when i saw it again.

P.S: Just my random thoughts on the movie