Sunday, January 18, 2009

Advani – Obama Imitator???

We all knew Obama used Web in an effective way to garner votes and gather support. Now Advani wants to replicate his success model in India. So he started his own website and his own blog to connect with people. But sadly India is no America and Advani is no Obama. So his website is not getting any big traction.

So what does he do? Do what he has been taught to do. Advertise so that people will visit his website. Since all the PR and viral videos have not worked. :D

See Advani Google Adwords CPC in my blog

Advani Advertisement for Advani Website

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Sajeev said...

I am not sure if the BJP is spending wisely but they sure are spending a lot on the web, trying to catch the new generation of voters. So much so that the banner at bottom of the forum threads at Redcafe (a Man Utd fan forum) is an ad for LK Advani's site.
Which indicated either that they are burning a lot of cash, or football is much more popular than we think. Anyways I just thought i would just drop that in.