Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire – Comments

All the Indians who expect an "Incredible India” advertisement from Slumdog Millionaire are sure to be disappointed on seeing the movie. Most of these disappointed Indians have already starting starting pouring different forums with their acid comments.

Ugly Side of India

Yeah. The Movie showcased an extreme or an ugly side of India and it did not provide a complete picture of India. 100% True. But the movie was never meant to provide the complete picture. It meant to show there is an India which still lives unaffected by its glitz and glamour. And I think it did that successfully. [Though I also agree that “Shit” Scene could have been avoided']

English Language

Film critics will always point out that around two-third of movie is in English.. What else do you expect from a British Film? It was made so that British and American audience can understand and not that an Indian can understand. So Please don’t play the language card.

Lead Actors

Yeah! There are many more talented Indian actors than the lead pair.

Loop Holes in Storyline

Yeah! There are a lot of loopholes in the movie. There are a lot of places movie does not explain even the necessary things.  Movie does not explain how Jamal & Salim learnt English. The movie does not explain why Salim did not like Latika. For that matter the movie never establish the love of Latika. But still the movie works thanks to the strength of the premise of the movie. Anyway. I liked the movie and fell more in love when i saw it again.

P.S: Just my random thoughts on the movie


Anonymous said...

Slumdog Millionnaire is a very beautiful film, I absolutely loved it.

workhard said...

The movie is average, some of the actors are very irritating.

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Anonymous said...


Slumdog Millionaire de-motivates Indian and its not a good movie.

Being a Foreign partnered movie – this has got many Awards (no wonder). Giving many awards is a western diplomatic technic –to capture and reap profits from the Indian Cine Industries in the indirect way. Now all the North- Indian Based directors, producers would ask for an opportunity from foreign cine industry