Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Renewed Srilankan Tamil Movement

With the Srilankan Army nearing a military win against LTTE, people have started believing that the 25 Year Tamil Struggle Against Srilanka is nearing the end. Sadly they are mistaken that a win in this battle would end the war. Srilankan Army may crush LTTE but I don’t see an end to Sinhalese – Tamils Conflict.

While the international observers may have forgotten that this civil war started as a struggle for freedom, justice and equal rights, the real stakeholders of the war – Srilankan Tamils have not forgotten this fact. Even after 25 years of war, those issues have not properly been addressed. And the current political leadership in Sri Lanka is showing any signs of their intent on addressing those issues

Sadly, People forgot that a Community can be faulted for breeding terrorists when they live in an eternal fear for even speaking in their mother tongue. As Hitler showed, handling a victory with arrogance sows the seed for another, greater war. With the increasing support for Srilankan Tamils among Indian Tamils, don’t be surprised to see the arrival of another Srilankan Tamil revolutionary organization rising out of the ashes of LTTE.

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