Friday, October 23, 2009

Indian Tamils Don't Have any Tamil Pride

More than 250K Tamils are still rotting and kept under locks in the closed camps of Srilanka.. We are happy that 41K were released. 10 member MP committee was more concerned about scoring brownie points rather than showing a little empathy for Srilankan Tamils in inhumane conditions.

  • It is sad to see 'The Hindu' being satisfied with printing the Srilankan Army press releases rather than reporting real news in Sri Lanka.
  • And the sad that it is being left to New York Times and European Union to report anything substantial.
  • It is sad to see that we don't have any 'Tamil' pride and are happy to let our bonds with Srilankan Tamils to rot.
  • It is sad to see the Indian Government releasing more funds for the Srilankan government rather than withdrawing trade concessions and banning Srilankan imports for their inhuman actions.

But most of all it is sad to see that we care about people living a thousand miles away and don't give a s**t our neighbors and our brothers.