Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I am looking forward to 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Until today, 2003 Worldcup world cup was the high point of my cricket passion/cricket craziness. The passion/craziness owes a lot to do with the fact that I was living in a boy's hostel during the world cup. 

1. Going  2 hours before the match to occupy the best place in the TV room (Just before TV). 
2. Not being able to take a toilet break.. Because the entire room is so packed that you are sure you won't be able to find a place when you come back.
3. Predicting that India will reach semi-finals after 2 poor performances in the first two matches - And seeing the prediction coming true
4. Commentary better than Harsha Bhogle from friends sitting with you. 

means that 2003 world cup will always be one of the most memorable memories of my life. So the defeat in the final was one of the bad memories of my life. It even cured my cricket craziness for a certain time. Even T20 world cup win did not rekindle my love for cricket. But somehow I am awaiting the start of this world cup. 

1. Unlike 2007 world cup, this India team is focussed on winning the world cup. 
2. This is Tendulkar's final world cup. And he surely does want to add a world cup win to his resume
3. Again, I believe and am predicting that India will reach another semi-final. 

So again.. Counting the days for world cup to start.. 24 more days..  Hoping that this would be my best memory of India in a world cup.

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