Sunday, April 03, 2011

2 Special Days in a Week

Special Day 1
What a special day in India's history. A day in which my neighborhood became a party house. And I am sure it was same across the entire nation. I have seen the most happiest day(in my 25 years of existence) of this nation's history. 

Hats off to Dhoni & his team - for doing this. A day which will be remembered and relived (thanks to zillion highlights that will be shown) for the rest of my lives. 

Special Day 2
India's semifinal match against Pakistan - This is because I can tell my future generation that "I was there". :)

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Bernice Agastin said...

Yippee... Thanks to the WC for the quality cricket.The celebrations were quite masked with the beginning of IPL. But the recent downfall of CSK under Dhoni clearly proves that WC win was a team effort and not Dhoni's dexterity.