Friday, October 07, 2011

Dynamic Views in Blogger Rocks

It was five years back, I set up my first blogger account. I had been just selected to IIM Indore. And all my new classmates were sending their blog details to yahoo groups (Most of them with just 1-5 posts. And that point of time, I did not understand the ulterior motive behind it.. :)). Inspired by them, I started this blog - Titled then as "Tirunelveli--> Chennai-->Indore-->???". Basically to communicate that I don't have any idea whether the heck this is leading me to. Then the blog metamorphed as "A Blog to Express and not to impress" and then as India-centricity. In the meantime, I amassed a good number of page views and my first 100 USD through Google Adsense. 

But I had always regretted the decision for choosing blogspot over other blogging platforms - wordpress. Only the fact that I can't enable adsense account in wordpress kept me in the blogger platform. And I was forced to live with the ugly-looking standard templates of blogger. 

So it was surprising today, when i accidentally found the existence of newly created templates called "Dynamic Views". And I have to say "DYNAMIC VIEWS ROCKS". You can read more about Dynamic Views @

Today, I am proud of my choice of "Blogger Platform". :)

Hope you also like it. 


Sreeram N said...

You should now make it Tirunelveli ---> Chennai ---> Indore ---> Delhi ---> ??? :)

Way to go Robin! I admire the fact that you have continuously maintained and kept two blogs up to date...

Unknown said...